How Google Business Profile Can Help Your Local SEO Ranking

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Today, everyone with a website wants to be noticed in the search results and there are loads of tactics to help you rank well as a local business entity, but there is no silver bullet. As with most SEO issues, this is always a combined effort. One of the local SEO puzzle pieces is Google Business Profile, a dashboard for managing listings. But what is it exactly and why is it so important for local SEO?

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is an interface that empowers businesses to take control of how their business is manifested and displayed throughout all of Google’s products and platforms, including its search engine results pages (SERPs), reviews, and instant content. It is an essential tool to find out and adjust how your site shows in Maps, the Knowledge Graph, Google+, and organic search results.

How does it work?

Creating your Google Business Profile is easy; you just have to make an account and claim your business.

Register by filling in your details at the Google Business Profile website, and then you will get a real-life postcard from Google at the address you’ve provided. This card is the only proof that you are the owner of the business listed at the address.

Once verified, you can add on all the necessary details and even get regular data insights to see how many impressions, clicks, and followers your listing got over a period. It’s a great way of getting a feel for how your business is perceived by Google and customers alike.


The Benefits

Here are the benefits and features that Google Business Profile offers:

  1. Information consistency. Google Business Profile will allow you to update your entry to provide the audience with a piece of much more accurate business information in Google. Never see your business misrepresented online. You’ll have the chance to update your business’s name, address, phone number, and specific details like your open hours. You’ll even have the opportunity to write out common questions and answers about your business (and have them appear on Google Maps).
  2. Visibility throughout the web. Google Business Profile will also help you improve your business’s visibility in Google search. Completing your Google Business Profile will increase your chances of getting featured. Google will also have more information to categorize your business, so it’s more likely that you’ll show up for relevant local searches.
  3. Better first impressions. One of the best perks of Google Business Profile is your ability to have full control over the images your customers see when they encounter your business for the first time. You can upload photos or videos, which might show off some of your best products and services, or simply display your storefront, which will create better first impressions.
  4. Learn performance through Google Insights. Google has platforms like “insights,” or “analytics data” that will show you information that can help you tweak or change your campaigns to improve your visibility to potential customers or target audiences even further.
  5. Ability to create official business posts. Google Business Profile gives you the ability to create official business posts. These posts could be limited-time offers, promotions that drive more sales, or articles that provide value to your customers. It’s like a free advertising opportunity for you to improve your sales or brand reputation.
  6. Review management for customer feedback. Reviews are a very crucial piece of your SEO strategy. A Google Business Profile account gives you the ability to turn all your Google reviews into a two-way conversation. This is the perfect opportunity to compensate for a bad situation, or thank your best customers for recognizing your stellar service.

Google Business Profile is FREE! Signing up and even maintaining your account has no cost!

Your local SEO is critical, even with Google Business Profile

If you want to expand your presence online, you should activate and maintain your Google Business Profile account, and make it awesome. But to get the most out of your listings and to get good rankings, you must have your site in order as well. Your website needs to be good-looking, optimized, and it must be packed with all the functionalities to make your website audience stay longer on your site. Create local content through blogging or social media posting for your chosen keyword and business location to attract more traffic. Acquire networks of quality local backlinks to build up a solid link profile. Ask customers to leave a review for your business. Dead profiles are no good so consistency is critical.


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