Ideas For Real Estate Marketing That Works

By The Marketing Guy

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The competition among realtors is heating up, and these days it is crucial to have expert skills in online and offline marketing to stand out from the competition. Also, if you're not active, engaging, and leveraging online platforms, then you're missing out.

In this article, we are sharing with you some real estate marketing ideas to help you boost your brand and business.

  1. Monitor And Scout Your Competition

Take note of what your competitors are doing. Try to know how they run their business. Check their online presence and engagements through their websites and social media pages. Replicate their successes and avoid their mistakes.

  1. Social Media Presence

Create your official social media accounts on all the big platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram if taking a lot of house pics is your thing). Consistent engagement and interaction with users are important if you want to boost your brand and expand your network. Share good press to establish trust and confidence.

Add social sharing capabilities to your property pages. There are some home shoppers who are eager to share their top housing pics with friends and family, so make it easy for them to share various properties online.

  1. Create Valuable Content And Offers to Generate More Leads

Most people who are online are there because of the content. Your online presence should be ready with content relevant to your target audience so you can draw them in and invite them to your sales funnel. With the right content, you create the right audience that would become your leads and eventually become a sale.

Add irresistible offers or add-ons that increase your chances for your qualified audience to convert and become a sale.

  1. Use High Quality And Professional Looking Photos

Some of the most successful real estate businesses rely on great photography. Stunning photos create and build interest in your audience. It’s vital that the photos of your properties are gorgeous. Hire a professional photographer to take those next-level-looking images for your listing or, you can do it on your own because you are very confident with your photography skills and have a piece of sophisticated equipment. Just remember that the end result must flaunt all of the property’s best assets and should be appealing to your audience.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Consumers nowadays spend a huge amount of time on their mobile devices. It’s essential to any business’s success to have their website to be mobile-friendly. Make it easy for your audience to access the information that they are looking for right on their mobile devices.

  1. Google My Business Page

Google My Business allows users to find you on the map. The Business Profile you create appears when people are searching for your business or businesses similar to yours on Google Search or Maps. You can easily update the information in your Business Profile — so you can stand out, and bring customers in.

  1. Testimonials

If you want new customers to trust you, then the fastest way to do it is by showing them a bunch of Testimonials. This will show that real, live people endorse your services which is a trust signal to your potential clients. Reach out to those customers who are happy and who receive great service from you and ask for a testimonial.

Share the testimonial content through your website or via your social media pages.

  1. Build A Great Network

Stay in touch for as long as possible with your past customers in order to build that good relationship. Stay fresh and relevant in their minds by sending anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc. When they have a friend, someone who is ready to buy or sell, they’ll pass along your info.


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