Your Website Must Grab Your Audience's Attention

By The Marketing Guy

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With a lot of things going on on the internet, it is tough for your real estate brand’s online presence to stand out and make a lasting impact, not to mention keeping them focused on what you are trying to say to them.

Overcoming this problem is one of the greatest challenges for a business owner. But don’t worry, young Jedi. We created this guide to help you prepare your website. Follow the steps to create a website that will grab your audience’s attention.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Try to think from the perspective of your site visitors. From the moment they first load the homepage to the moment they leave it, they will go through a particular path. If you can plan the flow of browsing through your website, you will be able to make it more efficient and satisfying. To do this well, you need to start by focusing on the ultimate goals that you want your site visitors to accomplish.

Significant goals may include booking appointments, sharing your content on social media, or filling out a contact form to request a price quote for your services. With the end goal in mind, you can start outlining the flow that would take site visitors from start to finish in the shortest, smoothest way. Here are a few improvements you could make:

  • Minimize the number of pages they need to visit before they can accomplish that goal.
  • Add clear Call To Action [CTAs] to encourage direct action.
  • Remove or reduce content that seems redundant or could be distracting.


“Above The Scroll”

The term “above the scroll” refers to the portion of your webpage that is immediately visible to your site visitors, before they need to scroll further down. What happens there will be the first thing that creates the most impression for your visitors when they first load your website, which makes it highly important. This is your opportunity to catch their attention and draw them to your website’s flow.

Your mission is to design that first-encounter section and create that love-at-first-sight moment. The “above the scroll” section should not just be beautiful, it needs to make sense. You want that section to achieve three goals:

  1. Show what your site is about.
  2. Inspire visitors to read more, browse through your listings, attract them to schedule an appointment with you or whatever action corresponds to your ultimate goal.
  3. Lastly, the “above the scroll” section should give visitors a clear idea of how to achieve these goals when they continue to browse.


Make It Easy For Their Eyes

Keep your website tidy and spacious so they can focus on what really matters. Don’t give your site visitors opportunities to get distracted. It may seem tempting to squeeze in as much content as possible, but an overcrowded website is not just a design failure, it will most definitely hurt your website’s performance.

An important term to mention here is “whitespace,” which in web design lingo basically refers to any portion of your website that doesn’t include any content. Even if this seems counterintuitive, whitespace is good. It is the “empty” spots that really call attention to the content of your site. Make sure you use whitespace generously to make your website come to life.


Seamless Searching

People arrive at your website looking for something and they won’t have the patience to look for too long. You can assist your visitors in finding what they need before they get too frustrated and look elsewhere by using some digital tricks. Integrate a ‘search bar to allow visitors to find specific keywords throughout your website

Engage In Chat - Use A Chatbot

When visitors browse through your website with questions and can’t find the answers, they will most likely go look elsewhere. Use Ubertor’s Chatbot to offer immediate responses even if you are not available to chat and keep them hanging longer on your page. This smart virtual 

assistant can help your site engage with customers 24/7, share your listing's information, schedule appointments, and more.

If you are available to chat, you can take over the conversation yourself and ensure your visitors that you are there to assist them. You’ll have better control of customer service through automation with Ubertor’s new ChatBot.


Test And Know What Works

Once you have followed all the tips listed here, it’s time to put on the lab coat and do some testing. After all, if you want your website to overcome the attention span problem you need human subjects to experiment on.

Gather feedback from friends and family and hear what people have to say about the site’s user experience. The larger the sample you collect, the more prepared you will be to make improvements.


An Ubertor website can help you stand out, create that lasting positive first impression, establish your brand as a leader in the real estate industry, and ultimately make your clients feel a connection with you and your business. Make your customers trust you today with a professional and functional Ubertor Real Estate Website.

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