Improve Your Online Engagement With These Content Ideas

By The Marketing Guy

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Building a real estate brand online can be challenging.

Whether it’s on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, or over on your website’s blog, one question remains: what type of content do you need to have on your page that’s worth your investing time on?

Formulating relevant, high-quality content for your real estate online presence is an important part of retaining and attracting potential clients. But sometimes, you may get a little stuck so here are some ideas to help you create your regular postings.

1. Feature Of The Week

Feature a listing or client who deserves your special attention this week.

Whether this is a client of yours who just found their dream loft, or a newly available apartment that is sure to cause eye-envy, highlighting a special person or listing is an easy and beneficial content piece to share.

2. Insider Tips And Hints 

Have an industry insider share their thoughts and tips on their area of expertise with your audience.

For example, an interior decorator can divulge some best practices for staging, or a photographer can share tips on lighting homes. Share professional insight that is helpful to someone who is listing (or about to sell) their home.

3. Market Updates And News

This more informative post gives readers a look into relevant real estate news. So consider topics like market updates on a quarterly basis, as well as any national housing news and reports.

You can also try providing visitors and viewers with quick, local market reports about properties in their area.

4. Events In Your Area To Attend

Create a monthly list of upcoming local events that your audience may be interested in attending.

This can include open houses, community fairs to check out, or even online events that international audiences can participate in. You may also want to include information on which events you will be attending!

5. Innovation In The Space

Is there a new startup or service that can help your clients buy or sell homes?

For example: how about online cleaning or handyman services like Handy or home rental services like Airbnb? Why not partake in the knowledge sharing and write or repost the news? Plus, it might give you some new ideas.

6. Neighborhood Best Bets

Highlight some of the great cafes, restaurants, schools or parks in one of the areas you frequent. People love trying new places and a curated recommendation list could bring in new traffic for your website.

7. Video Of The Week

A multimedia component is always a great addition to any blog. Whether it’s a property tour or your own vlog featuring market updates, building a video gallery is a great way to attract and keep visitors. Plus, uploading your video content to YouTube helps with your search engine optimization.


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