Leaning Into Real Estate Technology

By The Marketing Guy

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Make no mistake, property showings may be down, listings may be stalled, but everyone has more time now because they are at home, which suggests online searching is alive and well.

Buyers are still seeing properties - just differently. The technology landscape has made it feasible to instantly communicate, view virtual tours of properties, perform lifestyle searches of the encircling areas, and even close transactions from the comfort of your home.

Now is the perfect time to utilize all possible online platforms and channels to boost your online presence for your business. These efforts will serve you both during this new reality and much beyond. It can feel overwhelming to grasp where to begin - especially within the midst of most existing turbulence and process change. You can start by aligning your strategy and knowing how you want to interact with your target audience. How do you want to implement or enhance your digital tools for every piece of the buyer/seller customer journey?

Your Website is the Foundation of your Online Presence

Knowing how you want your online presence to engage your target audience should be your top priority. Start by updating your listings, promoting them on your social media pages, and point all of those online elements to your website. Take the time to actually make your website reflect your real estate brand, show your customers your intention to help them, and build confidence and that positive impression for your business. Utilize multimedia content like videos and virtual tours. Refresh and create your paid online advertising, tweak the communication tone on the ads you currently are running or create new ones that are more relevant during this point of social-distance.

Review your website’s call-to-action buttons. Update them to something more appropriate for our new reality like “Request a live stream tour”. Update your agent profile. Challenge your brokerage to reinforce the content of your neighborhood and community pages - these are important pieces of the SEO puzzle that can help drive traffic to your website.

Resilience And Perseverance Must Become Your Backbone

The people behind the real estate industry are coming together like never before, coming up with creative and innovative ways to bridge the gap caused by social distancing.

Technology vendors are offering services at reduced cost to no cost at all! Brokerages are formulating ways to see how they will help the foremost vulnerable of the communities they serve.

Technology of today will drive the business operations of the real estate industry, and the brokerages that emerge better than before are those who seize this chance to empower their people (be it agents, employees, or consumers). Keeping them energized and engaged creates a positive culture of growth and confidence.


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