Real Estate Agents And Digital
Marketing: A Game Changer

By The Marketing Guy

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People nowadays are more informed and can easily access the World Wide Web to do research before making any purchase. That is why businesses need to adapt not just with their structure and organization, but also with their process and customer approach.

The trends in digital marketing keeps on introducing a wide array of opportunities for introducing, maintaining, and promoting any businesses’ products or services. The real estate industry included.

Digital marketing can do plenty of wonders in the real estate industry, and now more than ever the need to ride the digital wave is necessary if you want to efficiently meet your target customers.

Here are some of the significance of digital marketing for real estate:

  • Seeing Pictures Online:
    • Buyers are accessing the internet to see pictures of the property they want to check, they even appreciate it more if there is a virtual tour in place. Nearly 83% of home buyers spend most of their time online to see pictures of the property.
  • To Impress The First Buyers
    • Online presence is mandatory nowadays for the real-estate people that would help build reasonable brand opinion and even trust among the customers. Approximately 33% of people who are buying the property for the first time are researching through credible online channels to know about your past services. So start making your digital footprints on the internet today.
  • Getting Crystal Clear Details Online: 
    • 80% of people dive into the internet to get every detail about a home before personally visiting it. They believe that information they gather would help them identify their future homes.
  • Effective Mobile Presence: 
    • Details regarding the property are shared via mobile phones 90% of the time. With this amount of influence, a strong mobile presence is essential.
  • Increased Level of Competition: 
    • Nearly 91% of realtors are now using digital marketing to reach and engage with customers. Don’t be left behind.

Online Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Online tools and platforms make marketing more comfortable and saves time that allows any real estate professional to focus on other more important things. These strategies changed the way for a buyer to acquire their dream home. It saves them time and conveniently allows them to see any properties in the convenience of their comfort zones.

Digital marketing for real estate is a big part of any realtor’s initiatives to reach new customer segments. It simplified the way agents and brokers work effectively. Here are some of the tools that is proven to help attract buyers:

  • Email Campaign:
    • Email marketing campaigns are powerful tools to keep you connected with past clients as well as generating new leads. According to recent studies, 27% of property buyers are opening emails from real estate professionals.

      A quick tip: the subject lines you create for a real estate email campaign should be enchanting that will encourage recipients to open the emails and engage them to know what you have to say.

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social media platforms play a vital role in branding any business, real estate business included.

      Nowadays, people are spending most of their time on social media platforms to get the latest updates. You can use this to your advantage by providing more relevant content that ensures you are reaching a more qualified and targeted audience.

  • Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Your entire digital marketing strategies are anchored through your website. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines.

      By creating and sustaining a functional website, you build your brand around the concept of confidence and trust from your target customer that will make them believe that you are the right solution, and agent, for their real estate needs.



Establishing effective digital marketing strategies would help boost your real estate brand’s online presence and grow your business as a whole. Adapting to the new online way of doing business will keep you competitive and a step ahead from your competitors and allow you to reach a new market.

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