Realtor Tips For Your Race To The Top

By The Marketing Guy

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Every realtor’s dream is getting to the top of the real estate market. It will take a lot of determination and perseverance before making it big in this industry.

There are a lot of trials to be overcome, but, just like in Star Wars, there are Masters for each Jedi; agents have their mentors who guide them in the right direction to the top. Today, we are giving you some sales tips that you need to consider and may help you in your career.

Coach And Not Sell

Would you believe that a realtor’s job is not to sell? To put this in perspective, realtors should just provide a clear path and proper guidance to their clients. When you make them feel that you are coming at them with just selling, they are likely to disconnect themselves from you. Coach them with the right advice, educate them, and keep them on the purpose of why they reached out to you in the first place will make them more engaged with you and create a stronger relationship.

Put the needs of the client ahead of the needs of the agent.

Focus On Building Value

We want our audience to trust us and we do that by building on the value that you bring to them. Remember that your audience is there because they know that you are the experts in this industry. When engaging with your audience, they should feel that they can learn from you and that they are in good hands.

Trust has always opened doors to countless opportunities


Honesty Is Always The Best Way

Whenever your client asks you things that you don’t know, don't pretend you know all the answers. In this industry, your only weapon is your hard-earned reputation. If you encounter any question that you don’t know, just tell your clients that you will get back to them with the answer, and take action.

The key to success is simple: Work hard and be honest.

Become Their Adviser

Providing multiple options to a potential client will create a feeling that you are guiding them rather than pushing something on them. Whenever your solution is not the right fit for them, then tell them straight. You lose a sale but you earned their trust. Trust and honesty generate longer and stronger relationships

Serve The Client

The ultimate responsibility of any realtor is to serve the client. When you engage with clients with your own interest in mind, it will be very obvious to them and degrades trust. When you have their best interest in mind and you are sincere in helping them, you build trust.

Serve. Success follows.


Paying attention to what your clients are saying is always key to sales success. When you listen, you create an impression to your client that you care. When you listen, you’ll have a better understanding of what your prospect wants, which then enables you to come up with a solution.

Always Have Open Communication

Your existence depends on your client’s ability to see you. You create recall of your brand by doing constant communication and paying for advertising. Silence will only kill your brand and people will not know what your business offers. By having a website, you allow your intended clients to see you whenever they search for the type of services that they are looking for.

Doing More Will Drive Results

Your sales performance is dependent on how you engage your own business. By doing more calls, attending networking events, and follow-ups, you’ll soon see some results with your sales. Also, try to help out your business ride the changes in market trends by learning, embracing, and taking advantage of new technologies.


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