Why Do You Need A Mobile Responsive Website For Your Real Estate Business?

By The Marketing Guy

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The importance of a flexible and well-organized mobile website is well known for almost everyone. In order to be successful in your business, having a website that will completely respond to your users’ demands is a must.

We can say that today is an era of competition between sites. The design of the website, its visuality, multifunctionality and load time often defines the success of a business. Simply said, if the user can’t be impressed with the design of your site, they can continue searching the information from a different source.

A mobile responsive website is one more way to drive more traffic on your real estate site. Studies show that among the three most popular sources home buyers used in the home searching process, one was Mobile/Tablet Websites (73%). So this gives a clear answer to why a mobile responsive website is significant for real estate.


Meaning of Mobile Responsive Website and Its Benefits

Have you ever had to struggle while fitting the website with your equipment? When the size of a website doesn’t respond with your device and you have to zoom in, zoom out or just waste your time? I believe you probably have. So, in order to avoid such misunderstanding with the visitors of your site, you must make your website mobile responsive. 

Responsive design responds to the screen size of the device. It has a flexible layout which adjusts according to a screen size. For example, if it’s accessed from a smartphone or a tablet the layout will display differently. The three-column layout changes to one and fits any device. It shows only important information and other pictures and less significant data is hidden or moved. 

Most noteworthy, Google announced some time ago that a responsive website is a priority for them. This means that whether it is responsive or not, may be a ranking factor for Google. Also, if the load time is small, it allows users  to operate faster on your site. That itself reduces the bounce rate. These factors brought together improve your SEO and good SEO is all you need. 


How it Works for Real Estate Market

More and more homebuyers are using mobile devices for property searches. This is a fact to take into consideration, right? Especially millennials, they won’t waste time on your website. If the first impression won’t be good, they will just continue searching for other sources. So can you imagine what happens when your website is not mobile responsive? The thing is, you will lose leads.

As more leads are browsing their IDX listings on their phone, you should respond to their needs. So the load time must be small, the pictures must be well adapted with every device (this is especially important) and the higher SEO is, the more leads you generate. 




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