What should I do to promote a new listing?

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After all of the hard work that you have gone through to get a listing you now need to promote it. There are many things that all agents do to promote their new listings, here are some new ideas as well as spins on old ones.

Offline Promotion

1. Just Listed Flyers – are an important part of your marketing campaign. Not only are they cost effective, but they provide a real reason to advertise. Here are some things that you can do to spice up your Just Listed flyers.
a. Add a tracked unique URL to the flyer. By using a tracked unqiue URL you will be able to track the response of your flyers. ie. stephenjagger.com/12 Use this URL on the flyer for 2 reasons. One, it provides a quick link to the actual listings on your website so that when the user types it into their browser, they are taken right to the listing. Secondly, when users do type that into their browser, you will know that they came to your website from your Just Listed flyer.
b. Add a flyer holder to your For Sale sign as it will allow for drive/walk by traffic to pickup a copy of the homes information without having to write down a name, phone number of URL. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find our specific information about your listing. (Advanced Tip � you could use another tracked unique URL for the flyers placed on the for sale sign so that you can track their usefulness.)

2. Feature Sheet � add some details about your new listing to the back of your other listings feature sheets. Every listing that you have should have a feature sheet. Most times, the back of the feature sheet is left blank. You should take advantage of that space and put your new listings there. I have seen this done and it worked on me. I was previewing a property that did not suit my needs and saw the listing Realtors other properties on the back of the feature sheet. I saw one that I was intrigued by, went to see it, and now own it.

3. Post Cards � Just Listed post cards are an excellent and inexpensive way to market your new listing. This should be something that is done every time you get a new listing without fail. Research tells us that people buy between the fifth and seventh time that they come into contact with a product or service, not the first or second.

4. Newspaper Advertising � Not the most cost effective way to put your listing out into the public, nor is it the most effective, but it should still be a part of your advertising campaign. With the use of the internet and tracked unique URL�s you can make this form of advertising more effective. When placing your add be sure to follow the following rules:
a. Use a tracked unique URL in the advertisement
b. Include your name and phone number
c. Keep the description simple and to the point (price, brief description, address)
d. Direct the readers attention back to your website

5. Open House � Open Houses are still an effective way of marketing a property and yourself. Plus, if done right can lead to new clients. Here are some tips that I suggest your follow:
a. Registration � when people come to the home, try to get some basic contact information. Just keep a pad of paper with you on a clip board and take notes. Try to get the following information:
i. Name
ii. Email Address
This may be difficult information to get, but is pertinent to a successful open house. Try different approaches when asking for their contact information. I suggest asking in stages. Start by introducing yourself, passing them a business card and feature sheet. Ensure that you listed for their first name. Then let them be, talk to them about the property, what they looking for, etc. Try to loosen up the conversation. Once they are a little bit more comfortable with you, ask for their email address and tell them that you would like to keep them informed as to what is happening with this listing. Tell them that you will not spam them. It�s best to be upfront and honest about your intentions. (be sure that you follow what you said. do not spam them with other unrelated information)

After you have that information advise them that they are free to look around the home. After they move on, immediately write down the following information:
i. what are they wearing (for quick reference ie. red hat, blue jeans)
ii. if they came with an agent and his/her name
iii. any specific notes that you pickup on (ie. they mentioned that they live in the area, are looking for an investment property, looking to downsize, etc)
b. Feature Sheet � Ensure that you pass the visitors a feature sheet that describes the property as well as has your other listings on the backside. With that feature sheet, pass the visitors a couple of your business cards.
c. Signage � make use of signage. Ensure that you have multiple signs on the lawn as well as directional signs to draw visitors to your open house.
d. Notify other Agents � ensure that you advise other agents of your open house as they may have a client that is looking for what your offering.
e. Invite Neighbors � a great way to do this is in person in a door to door fashion. This is a relatively quick way to get the word out about your listing as well as get your name out there. All you need to do, is have your open house flyers with you and walk door to door handing them out. It is as simple as telling the neighbor that you are the agent selling the house down the street and that you would like to invite them to the open house on such and such a date. Give them the flyer and your business card and move on. This is something that would not take more than an hour or so and can be very effective. I have seen this done. I was at a friends place when an agent came knocking at the door to invite my friend to the open house. After a few seconds of the introduction my friend was asking solid questions like �how much is it listed for?�, �when did you list it?�. These questions triggered a few light bulbs in the agents head. The agent knew that my friend was not interested in the open house or the property, but more concerned with what his home may be worth. This lead to the agent coming in for a coffee and a discussion about the value of my friends home. Now, this is not going to happen all the time, and you should not expect it to. The idea is to meet potential clients and drive traffic to your open house.
f. Cooperate with other agents. Check the neighborhood to see if other homes are listed with other agents. Contact those agents and suggest having open houses on the same day where you drive traffic from one another.

Keep in mind that open houses are not for every listing. Homes in rural areas or resort areas are not the best places for open houses because the buyers usually live outside the area.

6. Voicemail � Keep your voicemail up to date with a quick message for callers to leave there information but take 15 seconds to tell them about your new listing. Don�t forget to mention your website address.

Online Promotion

1. Email Signature – Add the new listings information to your email signature with a tracked unique URL. This will allow anyone that you email to see your newest listing. It is an excellent way to get word out about your listing to all of your contacts in a non-intrusive way.

Example signature:
Stephen P. Jagger
Company A Realty Inc.

Direct Line: 604-639-4243
Toll Free: 1-800-209-2416 ext 108
Fax: 604-608-3418

Email: steve@combustionlistings.com
Website: http://www.combustionlistings.com

$339,000 – Rare large character duplex on C-2 zoned property. Each lot is 30×80 feet providing a total 60 foot frontage (4800 sq.ft. C-2 lot). Each home is approximately 2850 sq.ft. on three levels. Present revenue from each home is excellent at $37,200 gross annually. Walk to beach, Vancouver Yacht Club, Jericho Park, W 4th Shops/cafes/boutiques. View photos and details at http://www.stephenjagger.com/12

2. Craigslist.com – Take a moment to add your new listing onto craigslist.com. (What is craigslist.com? It is a network of local community bulletin boards, where millions of people connect each month for everyday stuff – like jobs, housing, goods & services, romance, events, friendships, and advice.) It is a FREE place to put your listing, and will defiantly bring traffic to your website. Make sure that you do the following things when adding your listings to craigslist.com
a. Ensure that it is under the correct city, in the �real estate for sale� section
b. Use a tracked unique URL with the listing (ex. Stephenjagger.com/new12)
c. If you can, use a specific email address that you only use on craigslist.com as this will allow you to track who is emailing you. (ex. info@stephenjagger.com is only used on craigslist.com so when emails come to that email address, I know that they found me on craigslist.com)
d. Add multiple photos
e. Add the description of the property

3. Ebay.com – Ebay.com is an interesting way of promoting your property. This technique can be used in a safe way by using a �reserve price�. This way your listing can�t be sold for less than the listings price. Ebay.com also has their ad format which allows you to advertise your property to an international market. For more information click here: http://pages.ebay.com/realestate/homesellerguide.html

4. Email Listing – email this listings out to your client database. This is a task that can be very simple if done correctly. Use an automated email system that can email out your new listing to your clients and potential clients. Make sure to include:
a. HTML and non HTML version
b. Tracked unique URL that leads users back to your website
c. Photos of the listing
d. �remove me from this list� link
Keep the email simple and to the point.
5. Website � Ensure that you have your new listing on your website and point all of your advertising there. A good website with a stats program will allow you to track where your visitors are coming from. The use of a website to market your listing is the most important thing you can do as a website can hold more information than other other medium. Your emails, craigslist ad, newspaper ads, voicemail, etc should all drive uses back to your website.

Stephen Jagger is the co-founder of Ubertor Inc. with Michael Stephenson. Together they provide software solutions, web design, hand�s on training and workshops to real estate professionals around the world.

Stephen Jagger
Direct line: 604-639-4243
Toll Free: 1-800-209-2416 ext 108
Email: steve@combustionlistings.com

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