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A friend of ours is putting on a sales seminar at the Vancouver Board of Trade. Mike and I met Shane Gibson at a sales course that we took at Langara. He has a lot of great tips and it would be worth attending. The date for the seminar is Tuesday, October 25, 2005.

CLOSING BIGGER: Strategies of the multimillion-dollar closers

Official Vancouver Board of Trade book launch seminar
Shane Gibson of Knowledge Brokers International is a global speaker and trainer who has addressed thousands of sales people and managers around the world. His interactive courses are packed with tools, techniques, ideas and templates for mining leads, converting introductions into hot prospects, improving sales and management systems, increasing revenue and achieving effective customer service and retention.

Last year, Gibson addressed the topic of closing bigger deals to a sell-out audience at The Vancouver Board of Trade. This year, he’s back to talk about his new book, Closing Bigger, and the strategies of the multimillion-dollar deal closers that he and his co-author Trevor Greene interviewed for the book. The interviews included big deal closers from Colliers International, Philips, Finning and InfoSat Communications.

This fast-paced seminar will leave you with the tools, tips, and strategies to assist you in becoming better at closing big deals and navigating large client opportunities.

Topics to be covered include:

* How to steer clear of the top 10 deal-breakers.
* Improving and refining your team-selling tactics on big deals.
* Identifying buyer styles and distinctive buying criteria.
* What big deal closers in industries like financial services, telecom, construction, medical equipment and heavy industrial equipment sales do to increase their odds of closing and keeping big accounts.
* Understanding — really understanding — that closing big deals involves a process, not an even.

Who should attend?
Key account sales people, CEOs, business owner/operators, sales management and executives, marketing managers and staff supporting the sales process and anyone wanting to close more and bigger deals.



Shane Gibson
Author of “Closing Bigger”
Knowledge Brokers International Systems Ltd. (North America)
Tel: 604-331-4471
Cell: 604-351-5539

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