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With so many different web design styles & trends on the rise, it can be difficult to discern which approach would be best suited for you & your branding. As you know, websites are a major tool for Real Estate Agents in capturing new leads & when used to its maximum potency can be a gold mine for business generation. Oftimes, whether a site visitor knows it or not, design plays a big factor in enticing potential client action. One true & tried method is to create a narrative in your home page navigation. Structure the layout in a way that not only flows intuitively but engages visitors with the Realtor as if they were there themselves all the same. Here are a couple of websites here at Ubertor that do a fantastic job at conveying their brand message, and looking great while they’re at it.


  • MEANINGFUL & PERSONALIZED PHOTOGRAPHY: What segregates Shali’s home page from all the others is their breaking away from conventional stock photos & using beautiful portrait shots – both posed & candid – in lieu of them strewn throughout the site. This creates an immediate human familiarity & connection, building a sense of trust before a single exchange is even made. Investing in high quality portraits ensures you become a familiar face amongst your visitor’s memory & impresses an air of professionality.
  • FRESH & PLAYFUL PRESENTATION: With layout & content creatively assorted in grid & table format, Shali’s website is fraught with visual appeal. Shali makes eclectic use of colour, shifting between the cool hues of her personal logo brand & warm pastel elements without it being harsh to the eye or an over exaggeration of contrast.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MAVEN: You never know whether the next sale will come from the last tweet, facebook post, instagram picture or whichever platform you decide to market on. Shali is an expert at keeping her social media accounts up to date and her followers connected.


  • BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: In a world where text is arguably the most commonplace thing around, typography can so easily be taken for granted. However, Thomas does not cut any corners with purposeful font choice. Artful & deliberate, the typography on Thomas’ site comes in a wide range to highlight different components.
  • ATTRACTIVE INTERIOR PAGES: Minimalistic expression is portrayed through his simple & clean interior layout. Eye catching photos are the basis of which his website speaks. Great typography and visual cues integrated make for a powerful website. Not to mention it is also user friendly & intuitive!

Interested in seeing more from Limelight Marketing? Head over to their website to view their full portfolio & connect with their team!


  • CLASSY COLOUR SCHEME: There’s no argument that gold against a black backdrop is a classic colour scheme contrast that spells sophistication. Plastered atop of her backdrop, her website is streamlined with very well-written content.
  • DIVERSE PORTFOLIO: Real estate market is multi-faceted & Sarah has all the bases covered for her clients from downtown condos to new house developments on top of her MLS active listings. Easily accessible, there are a variety of methods to search for houses on Sarah’s website.

Are you a Real Estate Agent looking to take the next step in your business by transforming your website to fully meet your branding needs? Contact us today to connect with our very own design experts who can help enhance, & make the most out of your web design!

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