Add a VoiceOver to your Listings

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Combustion’s new software, Ubertor, has the ability to have voiceovers added on to the images as they scroll through the slide show. Not only is this function unique but now it is even easier for all Realtors to use the function.

Jin Lee, a close friend of ours has launched This is a service that enables Realtors to quickly and easily add voiceovers to their listings for a small fee. eieiVoice has even come up with special pricing for Combustion Ubertor Realtors. (click here for special pricing details)

Adding VoiceOver’s to your listings is another way to ensure that your clients are getting the best possible exposure for their listings.

Ubertor’s Listing Features include:
– Large photos with automatic slideshow (example)
– VoiceOver the photo slideshow (example)
– Mortgage Calculator (example)
– support for Virtual Tours (example)
– support for multiple Floor Plans (example)
– unlimited photos per listing (example)
– GoogleMap integration with satellite images (examples)
– plus much more…

The best part of the Ubertor system is that it only shows what your listing has… not what it does not. So if you do not load a floorplan or a virtual tour for your listing, those tabs will not show up. We do not show what the property does not have.

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