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Stacy over at Video Openhouse emailed me a link to an article written by Georgie Binks at the CBC. The article talks about how doing video tours of your listings is a great way to showcase a property. I think that adding as much content to your listings as you can is important. Photos, Virtual Tours/Video Tours, Floorplans, Strata Documents, Google Maps, Neighbourhood Information, etc etc.

I think that you can take this one step further and include videos about the neighbourhood that your listing is in. The best part is, there is a resource out there on the web ready to help you do this,…. and its free.

TurnHere.com, created by Bran Inman of Inman News, “is a digital media company with a unique mission. TurnHere produces professional digital videos, accessible on the Internet, which convey authentic experiences of places and leisure activities in cities and neighborhoods around the world.”

turnhere snipshot real estate videosTurnHere.com allows you to link to their neighbourhood videos at no cost. Here are some examples of their work:
Vancouver’s Main Street
Vancouver’s Davie Street
Toronto’s Kensington Market
Seattle’s Ballard Neighbourhood
Calgary Stampede
Chicago’s Wicker Park

Check it out, they might have a video that you like and that you want to use within one of your listings, or maybe, you want to get your own Video made for your own use.

I only wish TurnHere.com allowed you to embed the video instead of doing it as a pop up. I really like the way YouTube.com’s embedded feature works. (Check out MJ Ankenman’s “about me” video that she embedded into her site)

One answer

  1. Robert Sanzalone
    10/18/2006 at 2:50 pm

    I totally agree. It was so much fun doing MJ’s video (and others) last year during my presentation to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Finally the real estate community is beginning to perceive video as more than a “geeky gimmick”.

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