Neighbourhood Websites – Excellent way to farm an area

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Neighbourhood or niche websites are a great way to target a specific farming area. The key is building a website that provides value to your visitors, shares your knowledge on a specific topic, showcases properties for sale and most importantly depicts you as an expect in the area.

Do you want to do more business in a certain type of property or a certain area?

Here are 4 examples of real estate agents marketing themselves to a certain area and in one case to a certain property type:
Reid Dewson and Ed Gramauskas have been working a niche website for years. Their website showcases all lofts available for sale within the Vancouver area. Plus they have building information, upcoming projects, plus much more. It is by far the most reliable website for lofts in Vancouver.
Ian Watt has 6 niche websites all targeted towards a specific area or property type. is dedicated to the Yaletown Park condo development that has just gone up in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. Here are his other sites –,,, and
Marty Pospischil runs 3 websites. His main website which is all about his real estate business but he runs and (under construction). The Kitsilano website has rental information, properties for sale, restaurants, businesses, schools, plus much more.
Ken Wyder is a great example of a website put together in only a few months and is seeing excellent results. Ken has adding lots of great information about Point Grey including the real estate listings that area available in that area.

What to see some results?

– If you Google “Lofts Vancouver” or “Vancouver Lofts” you will see that comes up #1 under both terms.

– If you search “Yaletown Park” in Google, Yahoo and MSN you will see Ian’s website come up 2, 5, and 3 respectively.

– In Yahoo and MSN when you search “Kitsilano Houses for Sale” Marty’s website comes up number 1 in both search engines.

– Searching “point grey real estate” brings up Ken Wyder’s website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Would you like to get started?

We can get you up and running in 60 seconds for $67.00/month – no setup fee. ($57.00 for your website and $10.00 for your autofill category of listings) Give us a call at 604-264-1999 to learn more about creating a website for a neighbourhood or niche that you want to farm.

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