Virtual Tour Tab Now Flexible – could be “Video” Tour Tab!

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I789 drake rental wrote the other day about video killing the virtual tour and it triggered an ton of emails in my inbox. Many agreeing with the post, some not, but it caught the attention of a bunch of our readers. It was a timely post for us, as tonight, with our most recent roll out of upgrades, bug fixes and new features comes a change that has been widely anticipated. The upgrade to the V360 tab within the Ubertor control panel.

Now when you log into your control panel and click on V360 tab within any listing you will notice that it now has the updated interface, the ability to add a link to a 3rd party URL or upload the virtual tour images and the ability to change the tab on your website to anything you want. I assume most people will change Virtual Tour to read Video Tour, but we did not force that decision. You can now change the tab to read whatever you wish.
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4 Answers

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  2. Dara Sklar
    1/31/2007 at 11:17 pm

    Hi Steve! I have a client who has BOTH a video and a virtual tour to post… do you think that functionality for this might get built in?
    Thanks! 🙂 Dara

  3. Stephen Jagger
    2/1/2007 at 12:24 am

    Not sure why they have both… would be interested to know why they choose to do both. At this time, the functionality does not exist to have both.

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