Video: Ubertor’s first real estate client creates a video

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lofts vancouver real estate for sale

Ed Gramauskas and Reid Dewson were our first real estate clients!

They were a help in getting the original version of the Ubertor website engine off the ground, actually, the suggested the idea of creating it in the first place. The thing I have noticed about Reid and Ed is that they are always ahead of the curve within real estate.
– They had a niche website when real estate agents were just getting online
– They sought out a better solution for their old website (enter Ubertor)
– They autofill listings automatically from all loft buildings within Greater Vancouver making their site the one stop shop for lofts in Vancouver
– Now, they have embraced video, YouTube and Google Video to showcase who they are and what they are about

Check out their video below… you might even seen me for a couple seconds near the end. 🙂

2007 Online Real Estate:
– Do you have a website?
– Are you blogging?
– Do you have a niche website?
– Did you create a video about you and your business?

Feel like you are falling behind the quick moving online real estate business?

– If you need a website – Ubertor can help!
– If your interested in who made the video? – chat with these guys
– Want to learn more about blogging? – chat with our client service team!

7 Answers

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  2. Stephen Jagger
    3/22/2007 at 6:33 am

    Kris, thanks for your comments… the saying might be that the camera add 50 pounds. 🙂

  3. Mickey Booz
    3/22/2007 at 4:52 pm

    Ed and Reid,
    I was a cinematographer and production company owner in Denver, Co. for 20 years and turned to selling real estate here in Southern California (San Diego) about 5 years ago. The home selling and video industries have a lot in common with how the web is playing big on blogs and video. Your marketing piece really captures the essence of Vancouver and hits the mark for the hipper loft set…it speaks to them.

    The Real Estate Tomato had a great article today about how the American real estate web desigination), e-Pro, is missing the boat. It’s guys like you who have their hearts and minds in sync with your client’s and give it to them through moving pictures, cool graphics and web design. I love that your eye candy lures lots of “fish” so obviously because it hits the mark perfectly. Mickey Booz

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