Top 6 Website Design Trends to Watch For!

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Minimalism is a visual art form that has endured throughout time and is currently the preferred style for website design. It’s classic simplicity sets the stage for clean content placement and key messaging. In recent years, minimalist websites have been praised for not only for their high visual impact but also for their seamless integration with responsive website practices. That being said,  it’s time to stop over accessorizing your site, set aside all the gadgetry and embrace the notion that less really is more.


Here are some other trends that have stemmed out of and work adjacently with the values of minimalist website design.


Flat Design— a style that omits the use of elements such as textures and shadows that give the illusion of dimensions conveying an austere charm.



Large Photography— We are huge advocates for this particular trend.  Your site needs to be visually enticing. Using big, beautiful, high resolution photos like realtor Benny Ryan will give your minimalist site an extra touch of sophistication.



Simple Navigation— Ever heard of hamburger menus? It’s an actual term, I swear.  Hamburger menus are most commonly used on mobile responsive sites like Brendan Stoneman’s but some desktop versions are implementing it as the default form of navigation. While very much in tune with the minimalist trend, there is one important factor to consider, depending on your audience hamburger menus might not be the most intuitive of features.





Stellar typography and white space: Something as simple as the using the right font can go a long way. Bring emphasis to content with visually superior typography, Meinzer & James’ stunning site is a great example of this.



A scrolling homepage— Contrary to popular belief not all important information has to show above the fold. Long scrolls is a trend that I’ve tried to explain to clients over and over, let your homepage tell a story similar to the Stylianou Group’s new site.




Thinking about giving your website a makeover? Or have any questions about how we can help you build the website of your dreams. Let us know by commenting below or filling out this form!

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