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Here is an email that Realtor Wendy McLeod sent to fellow Realtor Ian Watt about her experience with Twitter and the quick success she is having. (Ian asked if it could be forwarded to me and Wendy agreed)

This is a great example of how using Twitter, Video, Ubertor and Reachd training are bring Realtors together and creating fantastic opportunities. Congrats Wendy!

Hello Ian,

I have been watching your videos, following your blog and twitter.
I have just been learning to tweet, you know me one of those old realtors you were talking about

But I have been working on it, and last night I got my first referral from an agent in another area.
I think it is amazing, and pretty damn easy, just have to stick with it.

Have fun with your family in the Gulf Islands.

Your Vancouver and area Realtor

Wendy McLeod
TRG The Residential Group Realty
849 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC
cell: 604-880-8109

Interested in learning? Now is the time. Check out Reachd for inperson and online courses.

One answer

  1. Arezou
    3/21/2009 at 10:04 pm

    I’m very curious about this twitter. I keep wating to check it and see what’s going on there and I forget every time! LOL Thanks! This is a good encouragement to get it done NOW!!

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