Thanks from Nina Campbell

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I got a great message from an Ubertor client today. I have posted it below. Thanks Nina for your feedback!!

Hi Stephen

I just wanted to thank you on a couple of notes. Firstly I have just launched the first phase of designed and structured by.. [Approved Vendor] Kuni Designs. They are first class and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Secondly as much as my site was never the same after the restructure of Ubertor, I have always thought your concept was excellent, no comparison in quality to the other Real Estate web sites. When I wanted to create this new PRATraining site I only thought of using Ubertor because of the freedom and ability it gives me from the admin page. …This Thursday I start the “Reachd Rash of condensed learning” I am on twitter etc but I have to get on board and be out there for today’s demographics with V-blogs etc…thank-you for your diligence in making small business owner’s lives so much easier and creating the road for all of us to follow with easy to use applications and tools.

Nina Campbell

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