How Is Your Website Doing?

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We added the website overview numbers to the dashboard a few months ago and since then I have received a quite a few questions from clients asking – what should my numbers be? or are these good?

There is no right answer.

This is not a video game, high numbers do not necessarily mean guaranteed success, but we wanted to be able to show clients in a quick overview how their website was growing. Yes the leads number is usually way off as the leads part is only tracking people that fill in an online form on your website, so people that email you directly, phone you, Facebook message you, etc are not tracked. But the rest of the numbers give you a great idea of how your website is growing.

So, in the interest of sharing, here are some other clients numbers from their website overviews.

If your just new to Ubertor, yours probably looks like this:

But if you have been at it for a bit, here is what your might look like:

How does your site compare? Got questions? Feel free to contact our client services team to chat further about how you can utilize all of the features and functions of your website.

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