Agent Reboot ~ Vancouver

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Last week, the crew from Inman News came to Vancouver for the first Agent Reboot event outside of the United States. It was a solid event, that was well put together with some first class speakers. The night before Agent Reboot, Ubertor hosted the speakers and some of the out of town guest at my home for a cocktail party as a way to welcome them to Vancouver. It was a fun evening!!

Here are a few of the pictures:

(L – R) Debra Trappen from Seattle WA, Tod Lansing, Nicole Nicolay from Pleasanton CA

(L – R) Marty Pospischil, Kevin Jagger (the Long Track Long Shot)

(L – R) Glenn Sanford from Bellingham WA, Gabe Hoggarth from Seattle WA

(L – R) Tod Lansing, Nicole Nicolay from Pleasanton CA, Stephen Jagger

(L – R) Debra Trappen from Seattle WA, Kelley Skar from Calgary AB

(L – R) Sherry Chris from Morristown NJ, Dale Chumbley from Vancouver WA, Jerry Mcnamara, Bill Wassmer

3 Answers

  1. Kevin Hughes
    6/10/2011 at 1:48 pm

    Face to face networking in a fun setting- Sounds like a winner! There always seems to be something happening out towards Vancouver- I guess I better hop on a plane for the next event!

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