Ubertor Powers Property Showdown Website For Calgary’s CITY TV

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CityTV Calgary has a new show coming out called Property Showdown with the web aspect of it powered on the Ubertor system.

From their website:

“Property Showdown- a brand new show featuring three teams of Calgary real estate agents who vie for the chance to get the deal done for local homeowners and those looking to buy. Each of the teams is comprised of an entertaining duo who is forced to use their diverse skill sets and think on their feet as they strategize to win over the clients’ confidence. Which team will become the big guns and which will be left in the dust? Find out who will have the game plan and charisma to walk away with the deal. Coming this summer, only on City TV.”

An Ubertor Approved Vendor was chosen to do the website customization along with the Facebook page. Here is what Kye Grace had to say about the project:

I was pretty excited when Tom Lam of Urban Property asked Four Cross Marketing to be involved in this project. I loved the concept and the dynamics of the ‘showdown’. It was tough to keep it a secret until the official announcement.

Some of the challenges included the multimedia rich content that would come as the show went to air, blending the amount of static content needed and with dynamic content of video and images. It also needed to have a clear call to action for Realtors and home sellers looking to be on the show to ensure they were drawing a deep pool of Realtors and home sellers.

We are using Google Optimizer and Analytics to display different call to actions to visitors targeting Realtors and home sellers. From this data we can tell which are most effective. This is a great way to determine which wording, design or imagery creates the best results for your site if you have the resources to create multiple designs.

We also used Ubertor to host the content for the their Facebook page utilizing Facebook’s new frame functionality. This allows content on each of the custom tabs to be easily updated.

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