Gary Chambers, aka @TractorView, Talks Social Media & Real Estate Sales

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Drumheller Realtor, Century 21 Brokerage owner and full time farmer Gary Chambers speaks to the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® about his online presence, online marketing, social media and more. Take 14 minutes of the day to check out Gary’s presentation:

2 Answers

  1. Steve @
    8/15/2011 at 10:00 am

    I definitely agree that we need to be more personal in regards to our social networking. You really have to work to convey your personality across your social mediums, or else you’ll just sound like a robot spitting out statistical information.

    Guys like this inspire me with their ability to manage so many things at once. He gives talks, manages a brokerage, owns a farm – someone who can learn to leverage their time with the help of others can prosper in this world.

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