What Apps do you use when buying Real Estate?

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With over 2,000 apps related to Real estate, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide the best one for you. That’s why we have put together a post on 5 useful apps out at the moment that can help you with the Real Estate process.

Starting with an app that generates information solely for Canadian Real Estate. The Realtor.ca app was designed by The Canadian Real Estate Organisation. This free app is one of the most efficient ways to check out the current market. With all maps powered by Bing you can count on reliable and up to date street information. It uses location services to find listing and open homes in your area, saving you time and energy on research. It also gives you the option to search by MLS# or Realtor. This app received a rating of 4 1/2 stars by users which shows how useful it really is. The Realtor.ca app is recommended as one best apps for Canadian Real Estate.


Location, location, location is one of the most important factors to take into account when buying a new property. Luckily there is an app out there that can help with all your location questions. Walkscore is a free app that allows you to enter an address to receive a score out of 100.  This score is in relation to how walkable the property is to things such as schools, grocery stores, parks, etc. Not only is this app available for all locations, it also allows you to search for properties based on public transport, beds, price, pets and many more. Walkscore isn’t just good for people interested in Real Estate though. This app allows you to upload photos and comments on all your favourite places around town. Once you upload 10 or more photos or comments on Walkscore you will be confirmed as a “Local Expert” allowing people to access your profile through your neighbourhood and city pages. You can become your own city tour guide and share all the hot spots and secret treasures hidden around town. With a of 4 1/2 stars from users of the app you know its going to be reliable. The Walkscore app is a major time saver and should be used by anyone contemplating on buying a property.

Another highly recommended real estate free app is FindHouseCA. The main problem with a lot of Canadian based Real Estate apps is that you can’t search by MLS#. Well with FindHouseCA you can. This app updates every 60 seconds and uses Google Maps to provide exact directions. FindHouseCA also uses location services to find properties in your area for your convenience. You can view photos on selected properties before checking the place out.


Have you ever had questions about a property but didn’t know how to go about getting those answers! The Real Estate Answers app allows you to anonymously ask realtors in your area questions about a property that you might be interested in. The app uses GPS locators to find realtors in your area to put you in contact with local realtors, as well as display answered questions that could be helpful to you. This Free app was rated 3 1/2 stars by users and it a helpful tool when considering which property best suits your needs.


The major factor in play when buying a property is always money. How much it costs and can you afford that? With the Real Estate Calc: Mortgage /Home Loan qualification calculator app you can work out the amount the property will cost you in the long run. Saving you time on calculations, you simply input the information into the app calculator and it will provide you with all your answers. This app can also provide you with property tax enquiries and displays the information in easy to read charts and breakdowns. The app costs $0.99 and has been rated 4 stars by users. Highly recommended if you want to keep you finances in check.

If any of these apps still don’t suit your needs you’re in luck! There is now an app for that called Real Estate Apps where you can find all the real estate apps you need.

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