The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Whistler

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Being up in Whistler we thought it’d be fun to research and write about the Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Whistler. It’s truly amazing what some of these homes boast – all fit for royalty. Check out the list below. One even has a NHL size hockey rink.

#5. Ever dreamt of living on your own private street? Just imagine the amount of parking options you would have. Well the fifth most expensive house in Whistler has just that. The Chateau du lac at 2016 Nita Lane use to be the most exclusive house in Whistler for years. With a market value of $20,000,000 this house is incredible. It has currently been assessed at $9,598,000 putting it in 5th spot. With a living space of only 5,000 sq ft it is truly beautiful, with 20ft panoramic windows looking out at some of the best views in Whistler. The house was built with only durable and lasting materials meaning the up keep on this place is at a bare minimum. And just up the road from the Creekside gondola this place has a fantastic location.

#4. The home coming in at 4th place was decades before its time. Built in the early 90’s 4905 Horstman Place was one of the first large residence to be built in Whistler. This 7,000 sq. ft property has been assessed at $9,798,000 with a market value of $18,000,000. Reportedly owned by an Australian couple from Brisbane who work in the wine industry. 20 years after this home was built it remains in the top most expensive properties in Whistler and will be there for years to come.

#3. How can you build your house bigger than your property allows? Easy, buy the 2 lots next to you! 7473 Treetop Lane was completed in 2006 and consists of 2 homes on 2 lots joined together. Consisting of a personal gym and a separate guesthouse it’s understandable that this property has been assessed at $9,986,000 with a market value of $16,000,000. This property is a huge 9,000 sq ft with 8 bedrooms and 9 baths including 4 fireplaces! It is currently for sale at Whistler Real Estate for everyone willing to spend $21,000,000 on a home!

#2. The second largest home was built in 2005 and has been assessed at $12,571,000. 3827 Sunridge Drive was built by Taina Group Development and and stands at the top of Brio with spectacular views of Whistler. At 7,500 sq. ft it has 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths and an indoor pool and spa for those cold winter nights. You can also find the listing for this property at Sea to Sky premier properties. With 5000 sq ft of deck entertainment space you’ll be on everyones favourite hosts lists.


#1. What does it take to be the Most Expensive home in Whistler? If you said a NHL size hockey rink with seating for over 100 of your closest friends you would have guessed right! This 1 level property spread across 500 ft. of waterfront is a spectacular modern creation in property development today. 2177 Lake Placid Rd is owned by Greg Kerfoot, the owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team. Greg is the CEO of Crystal Decisions and Seagate Software and his Whistler property has just added to his collection of prestige properties in BC. The property has been assessed with a value of $13,900,000! With a living area of 15,000 sq. ft this home is not short of space. The property is separated in a space age pod setup which is very cutting edge! I guess thats what it takes to be Whistler’s Most Expensive Property.

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