Top Properties Sold by BC Realtors: #SoldOnUbertor

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British Columbia continues to see record-braking prices, with homes easily selling thousands over asking, competition is getting fierce. But no matter how hot the real estate market is, properties can not sell themselves. This post salutes and congratulates all those hard-working and honest realtors hustling to sell luxury real estate.  These are some of the top properties sold over 1 million by ubertor realtors in BC, keep up the good work!

Remember, if you’re about to close or have closed a property you are excited about let us know and we’ll feature you in our next post!

4289 PORTLAND Street, South Slope, Burnaby South, British Columbia

Sold by Mike Mulligan 

2977 Sea View Rd, Saanich East, British Columbia

Sold by Allison Ducluzeau 

8353 Mountain View Dr, Whistler, BC

Sold by Dana Friesen

15050 Beachview Ave, West Beach , White Rock , BC

Sold by Sue Robb

6239 CLINTON STREET, Burnaby South, BC

Sold by Joe Chan


Sold by Joanne MCguire


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