5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: The “Niche” Edition

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After advocating the merits of niche websites, of course we have to show you examples of Realtors who have delved into this with success!

Here are 5 Realtors using the power of the “niche” to successfully run and operate their Real Estate businesses on the Ubertor platform.

Monet Tyler is standing strong with one main site as well as niche sites for Anmore and Heritage Woods. The key thing she has done is maintain a strong bold presence with her main site, but at the same time providing easy and quick access to her niches (on her left sidebar). She ties it all together with dark themes and elegant fonts and that’s how her branding is established.

Or see how the Bettina Reid Group does it with their main site and their niche site for Encore at Hillcrest. They have their logo and slogan prominent on the masthead on both their sites, while using their portraits for the main one and a more focused building photo for their niche site. Everything else is the same for consistency (and really that just makes your life easier with the same design).

Once you see how effective niche sites are, it gets kind of addicting (Ian Watt anyone?). Pete Shpak started out with his own site, then recently branched out into building individual sites for very specific buildings like James Condos and Wall Centre-False Creek. He didn’t stop there though… With business partner Leo Wilk (who also has his own niche sites), he’s also created a niche website for Beasley Condos and Mondrian Condos. Thankfully, this is one addiction that is actually helpful! His own two condo sites and his two condo sites with Leo Wilk are also branded accordingly to create a clear cut branding scheme.

For Patricia Houlihan’s three sites, branding is so consistent that I can barely tell that they’re different sites. The main differing factor is colour coding her main site, Vancouver Views site red, her niche Deep Cove Homes site green, and her niche Waterfront Vancouver site blue. Once again, having everything mostly the same just makes managing three (or however many) sites so much easier. Although do remember to put relevant content in each corresponding site to help them rank higher in their respective niches!

Cortney Lessard definitely knows where it’s at by steadily taking over niches. From his main site, he links to not two or even three, but five neighbourhood sites. Besides his Athlete’s Village site in green, he’s maintained all the rest in grey with a consistent font and look, using flashy banners just to spice things up a bit. He also created niche sites for Coal Harbour, Suter Brook, Klahanie, and Newport Village.

After all these great examples of Realtors out there using this tactic, we strongly urge you to explore your own niche, educate yourself on your chosen niche, and become an expert!

You can get set up with your very own niche site on the Ubertor platform for as low as $17.00/month.

The first 30 days are free, cancel whenever you want and absolutely no set up fees.

If you’re interested and want to get started, you can contact our very talented Approved Vendors or simply fill in the form below, and one of our team members will be in touch.

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