5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: The “Niche” Edition (Part 2)

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It seems we’re hot on the trail of the niche trend as we’re discovering more and more Realtors that are already using this tried and true strategy for rewarding results, so we’re back with more niche sites on the Ubertor platform!

Let’s take a look at Shaun Kimmins who’s got his own main site loud and clear with his silver lettering on a royal blue background. He seems to have set his eyes set on Coal Harbour but he’s not afraid to branch out to Waterfront Condos as well with his niche site. After all, divide and conquer right?

Consistent branding is Mike Rampf’s forte, with a main site, an Arbutus Walk, as well as a Coopers site all with the same styling and his iconic triangular logo. There’s easy access between his sites with buttons on the right and he’s even jumped into the Chinese market with bilingual information available. He’s definitely expanding his influence to its highest potential.

Then there’s Leo Wilk, who’s not afraid to get darn right specific about his niches. He’s got one for Yaletown Park, as well as for 700 West 8th, just so he can showcase these two condos in the their own special spotlight. They don’t call him CondoLeo for no reason. A clean crisp green and white layout by our own in-house designer ties it all together.

Next up is Ken Wyder, Vancouver West Realtor, who has one main site, and then one niche site to laser focus on Point Grey. His main site deserves special mention with an engaging interactive map to point you to all the properties in the specified areas as easy as a click of a button. Both his sites are very well organized, which is fundamental in making clients’ lives easier when searching for properties in areas of his specialty.

And last but definitely not least, is Ian Watt. I’m not sure I need to say much more. As our strongest advocate for niche sites, he currently has four niche sites on top of his own main site. All of them are styled in monochrome and proudly displays his branding fisheye photographs on the home page. His prominent niches in Vancouver Condos, Vancouver Penthouses, and Vancouver Townhouses have practically got all areas covered. But he’s not afraid to go even further with a new special one on Electric Avenue. Exploring new territory is definitely one thing Ian Watt is not afraid to do.


You can get set up with your very own niche site on the Ubertor platform for as low as $17.00/month.

The first 30 days are free, cancel whenever you want and absolutely no set up fees.

If you’re interested and want to get started, you can contact our very talented Approved Vendors or simply contact our team with any questions.

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