5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Limelight Marketing Edition

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This week we would like to focus in on the Limelight Marketing team. The Limelight Marketing team have helped many Ubertor sites rise to the top with second to none custom designs and first page rankings on the major search engines. We recently spotlighted their team here, so today we only found it fitting to highlight and showcase some of their work.

Ron Lapadat’s site is one of my personal favourites, with its earthy tones and mountain theme creating a soothing ambience – almost as if I’m right there surrounded by nature as well. The footer is also one of the most unique elements as that is a rare area to incorporate design. And of course, Ron is on the first page of Google for Smithers Real Estate.


Limelight’s influence is far-reaching as demonstrated by Kristen Meyer’s site for Seattle listings. The design is pleasing to the eye and the functionality is as user-friendly as it looks. The site is littered with colorful icons that pop and draw visitors’ attention to explore the site further. Take a look around and see for yourself!


Not only can Limelight build Realtor websites, but he’s also helped elevate niche websites to their fullest potential. Google “Simon Fraser Condos” and this is literally the first site that pops up. As per our previous blog post, finding a niche is essential for Realtors to dominate. Not only is Robert Crowe’s site specialized, it looks incredibly good and is a top ranking site.


Another perfect niche example. Join the “niche bandwagon” and get your niche site going like Rory Clipsham did. His niche site for Metrotown Condos is styled just like his main site, making his branding coherent and clear.

Of course, Limelight’s abilities aren’t limited to Real Estate by any means, as he’s also worked with other clients for non-Realtor websites. Check out this website of the Blue Plate catering company showcasing food. The design is just as modern and pleasing, making the food ten times more appetizing. It’s simple, easy to use, and straight to the point, as a website should be.


For a full picture of what the Limelight Marketing team are capable of, check out their portfolio of customized Ubertor websites.

Feel free to contact the Limelight Marketing team or any of our other very talented approved vendors to get some professional help on setting up a winning website!

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