10 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Extended Edition

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As the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) official website provider, we see many great looking CREB sites day-in and day-out, and although it’s been done once already, all good things merit a second time so we’ve collected more to share in an extended version of 10 eye-catching CREB sites!

First up is Thomas Krause’s magnificent site. With the full extent of the widescreen banner showing awe-inspiring mountain slopes behind Thomas’ portrait, it really leaves all visitors in a state of wonder. Specializing in Canmore, CREB sure knows how to bring the beauty of the region to the forefront.


For Jimmy O’s site, they’ve decided to go with another style – fresh and modern, bringing in a specific crowd. The wooden theme is also a homey reminder of what this website is showcasing. Simple in nature, it gives the feeling that buying/selling a home can be just as easy too!


Another daring design is Jamie Ostby’s boxy site which somehow manages to make Real Estate seem fashionable. Her call-to-action buttons are also prominent on her site, encouraging visitors to stay and explore further. Bold and beautiful is the way to go!


CREB’s designs range from a wide variation – whether professional or hip, they know how to make a good blend. Take a look at Alex Kwong’s beige and blue themed site, which really brings out a unique ambience for a Realtor site. With an emphasis on blogs on his homepage, Alex is definitely setting himself apart as one that’s at the top of the trend.


As for Jamie Macoun’s site, CREB has taken care to retain a bit of Jamie’s history as a professional hockey player by using a portrait of him holding a hockey stick and also the tagline “Defending your interests”. It sure instills confidence that Jamie will bring just as much enthusiasm as a Realtor as when he was playing hockey in the big leagues. The black and red stylish theme is also sure to mark this as a top class site.


And to extend beyond five sites, CREB proves that with them, good-looking sites are a dime a dozen. Brad Pond’s site takes advantage of a full widescreen banner and the simplistic black and white shows Brad’s the man to get things done. The blue highlights and encouraging testimonials on his flash banner all serve to emphasize the best qualities.


While designing Lorraine Beale’s site, CREB decided to have a little fun with the layout and move some things around. With Lorraine’s portrait on the left and a boxy banner on the right, the overall effect is a unique site! CREB is also on top of its game regarding colour schemes, sticking with a white, grey, and red for Lorraine.


Jaison Thomas’ site creates a friendly inviting atmosphere through the use of soft blues and I like how the banner is framed in a way that’s almost like Jaison is inviting you to step into a home. Also, stay up to speed through Calgary Real Estate News and his Twitter feed right on the homepage.


Next is Trevor Ashcroft, with his tagline “Real Homes, Real Condos, Real Simple” perfectly sums up his site as well, which uses a simplistic but nevertheless still stylish design. It’s also important that the red arch of his logo carries a unifying theme across his site.


On Ivan Cilic’s site, big is bold. CREB can’t get any clearer than that. The juxtaposition of Ivan’s portrait and an interior home in the banner also displays the main emphasis effortlessly. What you see is what you get.


Well there you have it – 10 beautiful Ubertor Realtor websites designed and created by the CREB team.

If you’re a Calgary Realtor, be sure to give CREB Media Services a call and get a new site up and running for your Real Estate business.

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