5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Full Design Edition

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We’ve been showcasing so many wonderful sites in this series, I thought I’ll point out one of the major things differentiating these top notch sites – a full custom design. Check out how getting a face-lift for your site can change your site’s look, overall helping empower your business brand.

Let’s start with Richard Lowe’s team site, who sets the standards for clear and professional, emphasizing that the team is well able and qualified. A website should always be informative and engaging, which this site accomplishes with its call-to-action buttons. The red highlights also helps make the website pop!


Susan and Moe’s website on the other hand, is a perfect reflection of a collaboration between our team and third party graphic designers. After our team provided a conceptual layout, the Spin Design team spruced it up with eye-catching graphics, which our designers then applied the coding onto the site. Teamwork makes one hell of an impressive site!


Everything fits perfectly together on James Hampton’s web layout, much like puzzle pieces falling into place. Making it super organized makes it that much easier for visitors to your site to find what they are looking for and is essential for simple navigation.


Another beautifully crafted site is Larry Booker and Chad McGarity’s. They started with an idea for their layout and our team made it come to life (with some extra spunk)! Making use of the full extent of their widescreen banners and call-to-action buttons, they certainly know how to keep visitors on their site!


Rounding off the pack is Dalbir Bain’s site with a look fitting the current simplistic trend. A little interactive touch I love is how the banner also moves as you scroll up and down on the site, helping it stand out from the normal static sites.


Interested in joining the ranks of marvelous looking Real Estate websites?

Contact our very talented Approved Vendors, or our team for any of your Real Estate website needs.

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