Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: LinkedIn Edition

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Last but certainly not least on our optimizing social media series is the one and only… LinkedIn!

Optimizing Social Media Platform #4: LinkedIn LINKEDIN CIRCLE LOGO .jpeg

LinkedIn is a social media network used by over 187,000,000 professionals around the world. LinkedIn offers a huge opportunity to grow your business.


When using LinkedIn, design a business page and make sure your personal profile is all filled in – include a good summary, introducing yourself, and why you’re a good Realtor choice (to buy from and to sell through).

On top of that, join local groups and participate in them. Keep connected with your clients and ask for referrals through their networks just as you would in person. Recommendations are one of the unique features of LinkedIn that sets it apart from other social media networks. What better way to really market your business than by having your colleagues and clients share your expertise.


Learn to optimize your profile so it appears frequently on search engines like Google. LinkedIn has a ton of authority on many popular search engines. Likely if you Google your name and you have a LinkedIn profile, it will show up on the first page of Google.

On LinkedIn there are three areas to add website links. Instead of just displaying “My website” for example, you can type in a keyword phrase that describes how people can search to find your business (eg. instead of ‘Facebook Fan Page’, change it to something like “Facebook Marketing”).

Another great benefit of LinkedIn is their direct ad campaigns that are targeted to professionals. Because LinkedIn is a professional site, there is less of an opportunity for you to get views from random people, rather, more people interested in business – related information. Select your ad’s audience by seniority, industry, job function, company size, and more.

Social Media Marketing In a Nutshell:


In your Ubertor website you are able to set up all your Social Networks via the “MARKETING” tab all in one place, SO incredibly simple!


And a basic necessity is featuring clickable links to your social networking sites on your website! Please do contact us or chat with us if you would like a walk through on the How-to’s.


So there you have it! Four different ways to leverage social media to your advantage  for the purpose of making more money and business and not just for personal use. Even if you haven’t set foot in any of these social media websites, it is good to start wherever you are at. Don’t let the “well I’m not high-tech” excuse get in the way of you reaching out to hundreds of people through these methods explained above.

We wish you the best of luck in using the tips and suggestions provided as a basic skeleton to work with while you let your creative juices fill in the rest.

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