How Technology is Changing How We Rent, Buy, and Sell Real Estate… and How Ubertor Can Help

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Welcome to the business of the 21st century. Real Estate has never been as satisfying as ever in our country. With more and more professionals ready to take on the challenges that this industry can bring, the opportunity to succeed got a whole lot easier with technology.


The industry of Real Estate used to struggle in the last five years. Primarily, the economic recession and housing bubble threatened the entire industry. Although we did see a great loss of jobs and people being placed in a financial crisis, a survey shows that Real Estate workers are actually quite satisfied with their profession. There is a wave of new technologies paving the way for their success, meaning success for anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell Real Estate.


One of the major changes we’ve seen in our rapidly changing world is the use of mobile tools like laptops, iPad’s, tablets, and smartphones. Simply put, these tools allow us to leverage our time and help access information at anytime, anywhere. Real Estate agents are not the ones to sit behind a screen all day! They are out on the road constantly. As a result of having this information more readily available, we end up increasing the quantity of sales since our consumers are using mobile tools more than ever to search for new homes at increasing rates. 


For a while, the biggest gap in the industry was searching for listings on the web. With the technology advancements made and at your fingertips, consumers are able to access Real Estate listings, and with more targeted searches. Mobile has been a catalyst of speeding up this entire process.  Along with increased search efficiency comes accessibility. Agents and consumers have access to all of this technology; however, at times it can also be overwhelming. The real hurdle to jump over is getting all these wonderful tools that will elevate your performance working simultaneously in a seamless way for your consumers.  Nevertheless, Real Estate technology is making deals happen more smoothly, making customer’s lives easier, and driving more business in the form of referrals.


How does Ubertor add value to the process of technology making its mark on Real Estate?

Ubertor is extremely user friendly and allows you to create a website that  specializes in your industry. Along with a team of staff that makes you feel that you have a whole team available to you, it is like being in business for yourself but not by yourself. You are enabled to focus on Real Estate and do what you were meant to do while Ubertor gives you a hand up on technology.

Our Approved Vendors are available at a clients convenience as well, to help you with any of your online markerting needs. Wether it be content writing, designing a new website, or even professional SEO services for your website – our team of vendors are qualified and vetted by Ubertor to ensure you only get the best service.

Using the Ubertor backend is as easy to use as a click of a button and being affiliated with Real Estate boards allows auto integration of listings that truly does provide quite an advantage. With blog posts being automatic and tremendously easy to update, really easy social media integration, and our mobile friendly for on-the-go templates, there’s not much you can really worry about when you work with us.


As the Real Estate industry takes advantage of today’s best technologies, its greatest purpose is delivering the information customers need, exactly when they need it — Ubertor is spectacular for bringing agents closer to their clients and improving the Real Estate process overall.

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