Show Everyone You’re the Expert with a Dedicated Condo Building Website

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The power of focusing on a niche, whether in Real Estate or any type of business, has proven to be a successful business tactic. We’ve written numerous times about the benefit of focusing on a niche, and you can find a few examples here, here, and here.

This week, Ubertor is partnering up with Limelight Marketing to deliver the “Dedicated Condo Building Website”.

Now you may be asking yourself:

I already have a website, why on Earth would I want another website?

Well the answer is quite simple (it’s actually in the title)… Become the expert! What better way to show your clients (current and prospective), that you’re the Realtor to deal with when it comes to properties in your chosen condo building.

What about managing the site? It looks like a lot of work.

That’s where Ubertor and Limelight Marketing come into action. We make everything easy, from set up, to going live.

We’ll ensure your Dedicated Condo Building Website dominates Google, markets your expertise perfectly, and drives in those leads you’re looking for. The gist of it is, “We do all the work and you take the credit and the listings.”

Seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?

For once, there isn’t one. Investing in a Dedicated Condo Building Website will return tenfold what you initially invest to build it with our teams. In today’s market everyone needs an advantage to market their business above the competition – this is your answer.

You can find the entire feature list below that comes with your website. If you order a Dedicated Condo Building Website before September 15, 2014, Limelight Marketing will include a free custom mobile version of your site, valued at over $150.00.

Contact the Limelight Marketing team today to get started!
Full Feature Set:

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