Create Your Own “Automatic Listings Page” with Ubertor’s New AFC Builder

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Many of our users use our platform because of its simplicity and easiness to create and market properties online.

Now in line with our new control panel (CP2), we’ve made it easier for you to create Auto Fill Categories (AFCs). Each AFC will update based upon your Real Estate Board automatically and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Now’s the time to go ahead and switch to CP2 if you haven’t already, and start creating your own AFCs that focus on your specialty of Real Estate.

How it works…

Just head over to the Pages tab, and right next to the New Page tab in the top right corner, you’ll see the New AFC option.

We offer three AFC options:

  1. A Standard AFC – This can be any property type in any given area in any given price range. We also give you the ability to filter how many bedrooms or bathrooms you want the listings to display.
  2. An Office AFC (for your brokerage) – This is all the listings for sale by your brokerage.
  3. A Building AFCIf condo buildings are your focus, automatically generate listings from specific condo buildings.




The rest is fairly straightforward – you create a menu title (note that it has to be unique as duplicate page names will not work), and depending on what you want your category to be you can customize according to areas, housing types, or number of bedrooms. Then voilà – you have your own AFC displayed on your website!

Here are a few examples of Realtors using the AFC feature to its full potential:

If you have any questions or would like help making some specifications, feel free to contact our Live Help.

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