Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Draft on Site Services Inc.

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Meet Draft On Site Services Inc. – Ubertor’s newest Platinum Approved Vendor!

Draft On Site has the fastest and most accurate method of measuring floor plans in the industry.  They have an in-house drafting team and the latest software to give their clients the most efficient service.  Due to their great work, Draft On Site is being recommended by Vancouver’s top Real Estate teams!

Get to know more about what Draft On Site offers to Ubertor users and their upcoming services in this brief interview of their Chief Business Development Officer, Nicholas Petrie, below.

1. Why do you do what you do?

More floor plans! We are really good at this, and getting faster at it every day. We have a love of making things efficient and streamlined, and with our experience we’ve transformed the service to a level of unprecedented quality.

2. What is the Draft on Site team excited about in 2015-2016?

We are excited to launch our multi-service scheduler this year. With this new tool, clients can conveniently book floor plans, photos, cleaning services, printing, staging, or anything else you need to market a property.

3. Where do you see Real Estate and technology heading in the future?

I think the future of real estate marketing will involve more virtual and online interactive materials. Everyday more and more of which are becoming mobile accessible to the consumer and I expect that in the near future tools will be built with the mobile format as the primary consideration and the desktop format as a secondary concern.

4. Are there any accomplishments your team is proud of and want to share with our readers?

We have now made our process so efficient that we can measure 1800 square feet per hour and can deliver a polished and branded marketing floor plan 6 business hours later! With the average house being 2500 square feet this means that we can now measure more than 130 houses (more than 300,000 square feet) per week!! The benefit to the client is that we can reduce the amount of time they need to be on site and deliver the floor plan in the shortest time possible without sacrificing any quality.

5. Who is your ideal client?

We work with such a broad range of individuals, who bring different things to the table, so this is very difficult to pin down. Yet a common theme we enjoy is working with people who bring a level of professionalism and care to their work.

Here are a few samples of their work on Floor Plans of Real Estate Marketing.

  • Color Sample shows the (no extra charge) option to have doors and windows colored.


  • Large House and Condo Samples are their default looks.


We are pleased to welcome Draft On Site to the Ubertor family!

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