NEW FEATURE! Multiple Views For Your Properties

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You know that page on your site that displays all your properties?  It’s one of the most frequently navigated pages on your website and we thought it was time to spice it up a bit. Our slick team of developers have now included a easy way for you to mange how your properties are displayed directly from your control panel. Want more awesome news? This new feature is 100% FREE and available to you immediately!

Here’s what you do:

1. Log into your control panel

2. On the left-hand side select the LISTINGS tab

3.  Select OPTIONS


4. From the tabs at the top, select  LIST


Choose from 4 different listing views: List, Grid, Table, Map. Select the view you prefer as default, and check the boxes for the other views you wish to have on your site. We recommend using all of them. Since everyone has a different search process, by giving potential buyers multiple options it increases the odds they’ll stay on your site!


List – displays one listings horizontally with the thumbnail photo to the left and the address, property details  and description on the right. Good for clients who are more visual.



Grid- displays three listings on each row with thumbnail photos and only key property details below. Good for clients that just want the nitty gritty.



Table- arranges listings so that property details are directly aligned by category. Good for the clients that want to make direct comparisons.



Map- plots your properties on directly on google maps. Good for the client who is searching by location.


Our team is continuously working to make your life easier and improve your experience as an Ubertor user. We want to make you happy so if you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see let us know by commenting on this blog!

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