Notice Anything Different About Your Übertor Dashboard?

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We might be addicted to change and not ashamed to admit it. Our latest endeavour  was to add a bit of spice to your mundane website maintenance (we want you to love working on your site as much as we do!) We combined your feedback with our team’s creative efforts and the results were paradigmatic. The new dashboard is user friendly, features front-line design elements and conveys information with visual clarity.

Here’s what you’ll notice on our handsome new dashboard:

  1. More accessible call-to-action buttons. Need help? Want to schedule a call? Easy.
  2. A clear check list of how best to setup your site.
  3. Direct access to our latest updates and blog- wondering what’s new? It’s all laid out there for you.
  4. An organized breakdown of your website essentials including number of listings and leads.
  5. Reach out to us via social media channels with a simple click.
  6. Let us know how we’re doing! Connect with our tech support or access our Knowledge base at any point as you navigate your control panel.

What are your thoughts about the new dashboard? Or, do you have any suggestions for a new feature we should consider? Please let us know.

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