Writing an Effective Value Proposition for Real Estate

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Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries in North America. So what makes you different? What is your selling point? If you don’t know that answer to these questions than you should keep reading.

We’re often asked what the key elements for a good website are. Good visuals, visible contact information, call-to-action buttons are some essentials. However, having a compelling and effective value proposition is probably one of the most important. Having a value proposition on your homepage will help visitors determine why they want to work with you, it will provide them a clear sense of who you are and what you can do for them.

But establishing a value proposition is not just mandatory for online success, it’s also a must for face-time networking. Think of it as your elevator pitch, when folks ask you what you do, what’s your answer?

The thing about value propositions, particularly in real estate, is that they are not easy to develop. If only there was a formula you could follow to create the perfect value proposition. The good news? There is! The bad news? Your standard value proposition formula doesn’t apply to real estate agents. Here’s why:

The standard formula for a successful value proposition is as follows:

What are you helping your prospect increase/decrease/improve+ state their business driver+ quantity+ over amount of time.

An ambiguous example is: Helping you increase your number of sales by 70% in just 3 months.


Become a licensed personal trainer and secure your first clients with this fundamental 6 week program!

Needless to say, you can’t make those kind of guarantees in Real Estate. As Im sure you all know, it’s a business based on trust and driven by knowledge and quality of service. As a realtor if you want customer commitment and agent exclusivity then you need to create a powerful and enticing value proposition. While the standard formula doesn’t directly apply to you, here are some essential guidelines towards writing a solid value proposition for real estate.

  1. Highlighting your strengths. List all your services and select which ones you excel at. Then decide what value your client will get from said service. If metrics apply use them.
  2. What are the prospects main goals/concerns/problems and how can you solve them? What value do I get from choosing you as my realtor? 
  3. Write through the point of view of the prospect not your own. While, Proudly Serving Vancouver Residents for over 20 years  might seem valuable to you, it doesn’t do much for the client. Lose the real estate jargon, be personable.
  4. Ensure relevance and correlation with your target audience and your services. If you work in a particular niche market/area make sure that’s stated. Aim to trigger curiosity and create a conversation.

Restructuring the formula:

Agent strengths+ prospect goal/concern+ outcome 

Ex. Unparalleled Real Estate Negotiator, getting you the best deal on the home you deserve to own. 

Here are some variations of übertor clients who are on top of their value proposition game.

Luxury Real Estate Value Proposition Oak Bay Real Estate Vancouver Real Estate Value Proposition Calgary Condo Real Estate

Now, pen to paper and start brainstorming, and remember your value proposition is a bold statement about your business, live up to it!



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