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The anatomy of an effective web design may seem tricky to achieve from the outside looking in. Sometimes, it seems you have to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when the right practices are in place. This week, we begin taking a look at websites here on Ubertor that have the fine alchemy of fusing great aesthetics with ease of usability down pat, as well as putting a spotlight on the key elements that make them shine.



  • EFFECTIVE BANNER: What better way to truly feature a property than by placing it front & centre on the homepage? Scroll through gorgeous, high quality photos of Meinzer & James’ latest listing from the very get go.
  • SIMPLE & CLEAN design with a strong visual structure allows visitors to navigate the homepage with no fuss, making it the furthest thing from a cumbersome affair when seeking out where you need to go.
  • DEVELOPMENTS ON DISPLAY: Developments the Meinzer & James’ group are associated with are attractively showcased.
  • ACCOLADES ON DISPLAY: In a similar manner to the development section, having their brokerage achievements organized in attractive form establishes professionalism & trust for their visitors.



  • MINIMAL SCROLLING Visitor retention is maximized in a sleek, & unobstructive way by confining text & design within a more minimalist, yet effective framing. No need to exercise your digits scrolling down to find the information you need!
  • EASE OF CONNECTIVITY: Simply arriving at his homepage alone, Aaron makes it an incredibly uncomplicated approach to do exactly what a Real Estate website was made for: Connecting with the Real Estate Agent & team. With a user-friendly Live Chat & a candid “Text Me” button abound, visitors are basically one click away from their first conversation with Aaron.



  • EYE CATCHING BUTTONS: With a design created by the talented Limelight Marketing team – one of our Approved Ubertor Vendors – well designed buttons with good use of typography make it easy for visitors to know exactly what their next action will be, & take it.
  • HIGH-DEFINITION VIDEOS are used on the homepage to consolidate Nancy’s written testimonials. This automatically gives us a bridge of familiarity to Nancy, that engages her visitors & literally gives a voice to her existing clientele.
  • COMMUNITY FOCUS: Prospective Richmond residents are in good hands as Nancy offers a wealth of options specific to Richmond sub areas. Users are able to narrow in their focus, & the Agent’s area of expertise is expertly highlighted.

Interested in seeing more from Limelight Marketing? Head over to their website to view their full portfolio & connect with their team!


Are you a Real Estate Agent wanting to learn more about making the most of your online presence? Contact us today & we’ll put you in touch with our very own design experts to help optimize your web design!

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