Take Your Communication To The Next Level With Chatbots

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There has been a lot of hype around chatbots and artificial intelligence with little to show for it, until now. Businesses are starting to see and get the value of incorporating chatbots as part of their business system. According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020. Finally there is clarity on the value that bots can bring and by and large the value is mostly B2B.

Success to your Smart Messaging

This is one of the most important value propositions of a good chatbot. Ideally, the messages should be smart. Here are 2 inherent characteristics in which Chatbot is bringing in Smart Messaging to your communication:

Value Focus: The content of communication is very valuable for your customers and prospects. For example, your real estate bot should be able to notify you if there are new appointment requests to view the property you are selling. A message like, ‘I have received an appointment request from Andrew Anderson with contact number 604-264-1999. Would you like to confirm?’ would be ideal.

Solution Driven: Messages that aim to help you with your brand image and avoid any negative impressions. A real estate bot can help you communicate with your customers and prospects even when you are not available to be in front of your computer or your business is closed for the night. Chatbots is your solution to never miss any opportunity to sell your listings.

Success to your Customer Service

Most customer service calls get the same questions almost all of the time. The best use of Chatbot right now is automating the easy questions that get asked over and over again. When the bot is stuck, it will automatically send the question to a live agent and then learns how to answer this type of question in the future. Yes, Chatbot can get smarter over time and can handle more and more questions automatically!

Aside from external communication, you can also set your Chatbot to become your help desk for you or your customer service agents. You can imagine the internal help desk also gets the same questions over and over again. Chatbots can help both internal and external customer service teams and helping you improve business performance and brand image.

Key Pointers to Success

Not so long ago, a simple chat required customer service support—and that’s expensive. Today, many messages and interactions can be automated. Chatbots are changing the way you communicate with your audience and helping you build your business.

The past was all about capturing emails. The future will be all about having conversations.

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