Real Estate Websites and IDX

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IDX gives you access to a broad database of reciprocity listings, increasing your customer reach with powerful search tools letting you easily market your services online.

IDX is an acronym for Internet Data Exchange that also goes by the name of Broker Reciprocity as realtors exchange permission to display each other’s listings on the internet. This reflects the historical practice of cooperation between brokers.

Why Should You Have IDX In Your Real Estate Website?

An IDX listing integrated in a real estate website will give you a leverage over others who don’t use IDX in their websites. This means you’ll have more opportunities to work on valuable content that could boost your generation and engagement of qualified leads.

By allowing your visitors to search through your database of properties, you’re site’s usability, credibility and audience trust will grow. This will lead for your real estate business to generate more sales which, in the first place, is the primary goal.

Ubertor’s IDX Map Search will revolutionize the way visitors search for properties on your site.

Powerful Search

Your visitors will be able to search through a database of properties in real-time. Ubertor’s IDX helps your clients effortlessly navigate through thousands of properties directly on your website, based upon their search criteria. This search is built up of multiple inquiry options that allow for both narrow and broad searches that deliver precise results.

Lead Generation And Social Sharing

Your contact information is automatically added to each listing, making it easy for returning and new visitors to contact you with their listing inquiries. Users will have the option to sign in and save their favorite listings directly on your website. Share, like, pin, tweet, IDX offers social media integration that will help boost traffic to your site through multiple channels.

Fully Automated

Don’t stress about constantly updating your properties manually. IDX will save you time by loading the properties of your choice directly onto your site. The IDX feature will neither slow down the functionality of your site nor affect its aesthetics, it’s designed to fit impeccably into your Ubertor website.


Ubertor IDX gives you access to a broad database of reciprocity listings, increasing your customer reach with powerful search tools letting you more easily market your services online.

  1. Real Time results
  2. Increase online exposure
  3. Social Media integration for every listing
  4. Seamlessly assimilates onto your site
  5. Fully responsive and mobile friendly to search on the go!
  6. Capture qualified new leads
  7. Endless database of listings in any given area

If you want to learn more about the technology behind IDX and the advantages it can bring to your real estate business, you can schedule an appointment with one of our business development personnel here.

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