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Social media hashtags can help you increase your property’s visibility and grow organic reach on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

By now, most people are aware of the existence of hashtags, well at least in your personal social media life. But not everyone is familiar on how it actually works and how it can tie up in a real estate marketing strategy.

What is a social media hashtag?
A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the accompanying text (such as a tweet) or a photo.

Essentially, the hashtag has two concurrent functions: It places content within a specific area of interest or keyword, and it facilitates a search for it.

How to use hashtags in social media marketing?
Hashtags function as links. So if an audience is interested in a topic, they can follow or click on a hashtag, and then all public posts labeled with that hashtag will show up. This works on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

A good use of hashtags in real estate marketing is to creatively tap local places, events, communities, current events, etc. This way, you trigger a specific audience who are following those topics and allowing you to expose your brand, listings, or even services to them.

Hashtags as part of your content strategy for social media will allow you to:
Segment and categorize your contents
Generate attention
Give you high conversion results
Increase brand and content awareness and visibility
Improve growth of organic reach

Hashtag dos and don’ts
As you start experimenting with adding hashtags to your social media posts, here are a few dos and don’ts to think about:

– Research and use relevant terms for your intended audience
– Ride trending topics to extend your reach of audience
– Formulate hashtags that focus on your brand’s product and services
– IMPORTANT: Turn your content’s audience setting to “public”

– Don’t over-flood the use of hashtags per post. Too many hashtags make your post look unpleasant and difficult for your followers to read.
– Don’t use the same hashtag multiple times in the same post. This will eliminate the effectiveness and relevance of the post.
– Avoid using hashtags that are too long (Tip: Try capitalizing the first letter of each word when doing a long hashtag to avoid confusion)
– Don’t put spaces in between words within a single hashtag

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