TechCrunch40 Wrap Up

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Michael Stephenson and I attended Michael Arrington‘s inaugural TechCrunch40 in San Francisco this week. The event was awesome. The idea behind the TechCrunch40 is that 40 new tech start-ups have 8 minutes each to present their business to a panel of experts. The experts then give feedback to the entrepreneurs live in front of 1000 tech professionals. Some of the experts there were Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, MC Hammer, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Anderson the editor of Wired Magazine, Om Malik, plus many more.

There was a real estate start-up there that looks to be a Zillow type business that is a game that allows users to guess the price of a home. Not sure how it is going to workout in the long run but it is interesting to play with. You can check out their website here.

(L – R) Well-known French serial entrepreneur Loic Le Meur, Stephen Jagger, Michael Arrington the editor of, Michael Stephenson

mc hammer
(L – R) Michael Stephenson, MC Hammer, Stephen Jagger

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