Create Custom Landing Pages for your Realtor Website

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A while ago we created a landing page tool that gives Ubertor clients the ability to create landing pages.
(What is a landing page? See Wikipedia)

Today I received a direct message through Twitter from Jeremy Linder who is a real estate agent in Gearhart, Oregon. He sent me the link to his landing page for review and I figured I would post it here.

The idea behind the landing page tool is for use within Google Adwords, advertisements for a specific product or service or testing different marketing angles. In this case, Jeremy is using the landing page tool to collect contact information of people interested in foreclosure and REO homes for sale in Clatsop County, Oregon.

You will notice on Jeremy’s page that he has removed the banner and navigation from the page – the idea being to not distract the webpage visitor from the contact form.

There are many uses for the landing page tool. Free free to contact our live help for more information.

j linder marketing page 2

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