Note: Changes To The Light Plan

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We have made a slight adjustment to the smallest plan on the Ubertor platform. The “Light” plan, which we added a couple years ago, has been a great success. New agents just getting into the business have been taking advantage of this plan as a way to get their website rolling, while keeping their costs inline as they work to grow their business.

As of today, you will notice that the price has changed a little bit. We have adjusted the price from $9.99 per month, to $17.00 per month. But don’t worry, anyone on this plan is grandfathered in and their pricing will not change. Clients signing up going forward will be on the new pricing. While the price has gone up a bit, it is still a very cost effective way to get a website up and running.

Want to give Ubertor a shot? Use this link to get your first 5 weeks FREE.

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