5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: ‘Clean Cut’ Edition

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Clean cut, modernistic designs have been redefined as simple and uncluttered, much like the Google page itself. These Ubertor sites have gone with this principle of a clean and bright looking theme and a focus on their branding names to achieve success!


Let’s start off with Jeff Fitzpatrick, whose site is basically the spokesperson of the modern trend. It’s clean, clear-cut, and uncluttered, and my brain just enjoys looking at how everything fits perfectly on this site. The banner slideshow and featured listings keep this site far from being boring.

Ashley Nielsen’s branding ‘A’ logo sits in the center of her masthead on a clean white background. Everything is nicely boxed and kept in order, especially the featured listings at the bottom of her page. Framing is definitely helpful when working on a white background!

Another way of structuring a site is Eric Zamora’s three-columned home page using widgets on both sides. On a clean and bright site, one can pull it off and still make it look simple and tidy. Bright colors also pop so much more on a white background, and Eric shows how it doesn’t take much to make a site look pretty!

For Maxine Morrison, a nicely structured clean and bright site is her way of oozing professionalism. The pixel effect on the flash banner is also a nice way to tone down the brightness of the pictures, yet still keep the effect of the HD photography.

Another site that is both well coordinated in terms of color and structure is the Finchams’ site. Clean text on a white background makes it fit right into the modern trend. Add a prominent logo and instant branding is achieved!

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