5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: ‘Top Heavy’ Ubertor Sites

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In terms of marketing strategies, a lot of talk revolves around branding and how to make you stand out. So how does your site pop when clients first come to your website? I’ve noticed a lot of website design revolves around top heavy elements – prime areas like the masthead and banner – that helps your site leave an impression as soon as your site is opened. This is referred to the area “above the scroll” and is your first chance to engage your audience (and perhaps tempt them to stay and scroll!). Let’s take a look at how these sites have tackled this!

Take a look at Calgary Realtor, Ron Garneau’s site, where the view is amazing from the get-go! The gigantic scenery is sure to grab anyone’s attention, and the icons for easy navigation also serve as a main focal point. Overall, the look accomplished is both modern and professional and makes for a successful site.

The Calgary Condo Pros Team takes a colorful approach with splashes of orange on a grainy beige background to bring out their site. The logo sits prominently at the top while an urge for action to contact shouts at you from the banner. This site sure knows what it’s set out to accomplish.

For Vancouver Realtor, Kelly Raabe Dejong, she’s got the Sotheby’s blue under her belt. She’s also decided to focalise on using photos to attract attention, whether it’s her sweet portrait on the masthead, the widescreen images for her flash banner, or the interactive featured properties underneath. All this displayed within the top half of her site means she’s ready to engage.

Another example of a clean blue and white site is West Vancouver Realtor, John Jennings’ piece of work, but still manages to give a totally different style. Both his masthead and banner is clearly defined – a branding masthead and a captivating image for the banner – and he’s got his bases covered above the scroll.

And then there’s International Property Investments, a site that’s another example of captivating attention. The large glossy image on a dark background grabs immediate interest. The site may still be a work in progress, but it looks like the team’s starting out on top (no pun intended).

If you’re interested and want to get started with a “top heavy” Ubertor site, you can contact our very talented Approved Vendors or simply contact our team and ask about our cost-efficient Custom 7 option.

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