5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: MOBILE Edition

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In this week’s series, we’re touching on the increasing trend of users on mobile sites. Since the smartphone, people are now able to do almost anything on the go – and that involves surfing the web, and looking for Realtors.

All Ubertor sites come with a mobile site that’s easier to navigate, so we got that covered for you. But how do you make sure that it is just as engaging to maintain visitors?

Check out how these Realtors decided to get their mobile sites up to par with some customization! You can also check out more fantastic mobile examples here, by the Limelight Marketing team.

Set in a classic black and white background with dashes of colour, Jim Born’s mobile site sure knows how to draw your eye. His portrait resting side-by-side with the tabs makes his presence pop and stand out among the mediocre mobile sites out there.


As you can probably guess, an integral part of mobile design involves matching your web design while only incorporating what is essential. After all, no one likes a cluttered site on a small screen! Take a look at the Dicaire team’s mobile site, which is clear and straightforward about what is important – outstanding logo, team portraits, and of course contact info! (What better time to advertise your phone number really?)


Team James Hampton on the other hand, is going with a stylish design. Their mobile site is neatly layered, and the overlapping tabs on the house gives a modern appeal. It’s perfectly harmonious to their sleek web design, allowing for consistent branding.


Even minimalist websites need a mobile template, as shown by Carlee Morsund’s example. Simplistic in design, the mobile site is almost a smaller cloned version of the website. Never underestimate the power of consistent marketing!


Of course, mobile websites are not only limited to Realtors, but really to anything on the Internet (and that’s everything basically). Check out UBS Industries’ mobile site and how they utilize call to action buttons effectively, making it just as user-friendly as their actual website!


Get on board and reach more users by revamping your mobile site! 
Contact our very talented Approved Vendors or our team for more information on how you can get your Ubertor mobile website up and running. 

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