5 Ubertor Sites We’re Enjoying: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Edition

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As you may know, Ubertor is the official partner of the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB). So of course, in our series of feature Ubertor sites, we have to dedicate one to the wonderful sites the CREB Media team has created.

For Darren Langille, they’ve created a modern feel to the site through dark shading while still managing to keep it sturdy and reliable. I mean, if CREB can make you look like a rock star (check out those banner pics!), I’m pretty sure they’re doing something right.

CREB proves itself to be most flexible in design though, as this one for Cosic Realty takes an entirely different approach for the recent minimalist trend. Nice, clean, and simple – but of course, don’t forget the widescreen photos to really bring out the design.

Like a previous blog post said, you can never go wrong with widescreen, and that seems to be CREB’s motto to stand by too. Calgary Signature Real Estate’s site was built on that principle with the whole team’s picture prominent on the wide banner. (The yellow tabs are also a nice touch.)

Erin Williams’ site was built on strong bold lines, a definite plus for those who like things clearly structured and outlined. Even her name seems strengthened by this bold black style. To tie it all together though, some warm cosy pictures on the banner helps the site remain open and inviting.

It seems CREB still has a few tricks up its sleeve to use, as they’ve managed to turn Imy Kassam’s left navigation site into another success story. Although much rarer, it also makes the look much more unique! With a bold black left column for navigation, and bright colorful landscape pictures revolving behind Imy on the right, Imy is definitely standing out from the crowd.

If you’re a REALTOR® in Calgary and want to get started, contact CREB Media Services, and they can help you get set up, and answer any of your initial questions.

If you’re outside of the Calgary area, feel free to contact the Ubertor team, or our talented Approved Vendors to get started.

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